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Review by Victoria Angelique

The documentary film, IMPACT, is a harrowing and inspirational tale when fate is intermingled with destiny. The filmmakers expertly craft the story of Ben and Lucch in a way the captures the attention of the viewer from the very first frame in a way that piques curiosity by diving straight into the full story of what led up to the accident and the steps both men had to overcome in order to enjoy skydiving without fear. 

The interview style filming combined with the camera footage from the skydivers, really paints a reflective picture of who Ben and Lucch are as men in their community and home life. The way their loved ones and friends speak of them make it clear they are role models to not only their own families, but are also influential in their friends’ lives. The fact that not only is skydiving made to seem fun, but the technical aspects are discussed is a major plus as the filmmakers clearly realized not everyone who could relate to this story and enjoy it might not be skydivers. 

The score helps propel the story, going from inspirational as Ben and Lucch describe their childhoods in a way that shows they were raised during a different time period that led to their sense of adventure. The music changes to invoke emotions of fear during the footage of the accident, making the audience feel for both men as if they were the ones living through and witnessing the impact. The emotions invoked as Ben reflects is coupled with the somber notes as he delves into the importance of men’s mental health, something that helps him get closer with Lucch as they bond over express their feelings and cause tears to well up in the eyes of the viewer. The fact that it took an outsider to make them speak up, really shows how men are taught to hold everything in as a way of being strong when finally telling their families and friends what was going on is the true strength. 

This film, IMPACT, is truly an award winning documentary. It evokes a rollercoaster of emotions from joy to fear, with a few tears being shed before ending in a way that is inspirational by showing Ben and Lucch skydiving again after such a terrifying event. The two men were able to overcome the tragedy by bonding over something that seems taboo for men to talk about, their own mental health and for both men, it’s quite fortunate for their families and friends that they did begin talking so that Ben and Lucch could continue to lead their community. 

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