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"IMPACT" is a film that tells the powerful story of two skydivers, Mark Lucchiari and Ben Lucock, and their journey to recovery after a near-fatal accident.


Based in South Coast Queensland and Northern Rivers NSW, both Mark and Ben are experienced jumpers, but their lives changed forever when they collided in freefall during a jump in Byron Bay.

The accident left Ben with critical injuries to his knee requiring multiple surgeries, and Mark was left unconscious for the remainder of the freefall. His life was saved by an automated activation device (AAD) which deployed his reserve parachute only a few hundred feet from the ground.

The road to recovery, both mentally and physically, has been a long journey for both men. But through it all, they have become close friends, and they want to share their story with the world.

This film follows Mark and Ben on their road to recovery, highlighting the importance of mental health, family, recovery, and friendship. It is a story of hope, resilience, and the power of the human spirit to overcome even the toughest of obstacles.


Join us on this journey as we explore the impact that this accident had on the lives of these two men and their loved ones.


Our Goal

"Our mission is to share the powerful story of Mark and Ben's journey to recovery and friendship after a near-fatal accident.


Through their experiences, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of mental health, family, recovery, and friendship. We want to inspire others to overcome obstacles and challenge life.


With our film, we hope to empower individuals to strive for happiness and to live life to the fullest."

Mark Lucchiari

"The saying goes that life’s a challenge, I say f@ck that and challenge life!!"

Mark Lucchiari is a skydiver and adventurer, who was born in Victoria with Australian and Italian heritage.


He moved to Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast at the age of five, after losing his dad to suicide at the age of five. He grew up bodyboarding and playing AFL, left school in year 10, and started a plumbing apprenticeship at the age of 16.


He did his first tandem skydive in 1996, and after a wakeboarding career and multiple knee injuries, he started training Muay Thai at Strikeforce Gym Burleigh Heads in 2004/2005. He became a professional fighter, winning 3 Australian titles and the Aussie toughest man title.


He moved to Thailand to live and fight in 2014, moved back to Australia, and retired from fighting in 2016. He now has time to pursue all his hobbies including skydiving, climbing, surfing, canyoning, hiking, motos, mountain biking, and outdoor adventures.




"Happiness is not a destination, it's a way of life."

Ben Lucock is a skydiver and adventurer, born in Sydney Australia. He moved 19 times around Sydney and the central coast before he was 16. He attended Terrigal High School and worked at McDonald's during high school.


He started a carpentry apprenticeship at 18 and became a paramedic for the NSW Ambulance Service at 25.


He has always been obsessed with sports, including bodyboarding, kite surfing, Brazilian jujitsu, road motorbikes, dirt motocross, free diving, spearfishing, and rock climbing.


He discovered skydiving at 26 and got hooked on the discipline of 'free flying' and began sharing his experience and passion with others by coaching. He has over 1200 skydives and over 200 big wall BASE jumps in Italy, Switzerland, Norway, and France. Nowadays he is obsessed with rehab and defying the prognosis of what his injured leg is capable of. 

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 This powerful story highlights the importance of mental health, family, recovery, and friendship.


With your support, we can bring this message to a wider audience and inspire others to overcome obstacles and challenge life.


Help us make a difference and empower individuals to strive for happiness and to live life to the fullest. Be a part of our mission and support IMPACT today."

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